Time to say goodbye: Emirates crew wave off last flights ahead of UAE travel restrictions

Crew at 39 locations waved farewell to Emirates passenger flights as they headed back to Dubai ahead of a temporary flight suspension

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This is not goodbye said Emirates as the airline called its fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s back home to Dubai.

Emirates ground staff around the world were on hand to wave farewell to the last operating flights from each destination as the jets flew back to Dubai before UAE flight suspensions came into effect.

Flight EK005 to London Heathrow was the last Emirates flight to leave Dubai International Airport when it departed Terminal 3 at 4.05pm on Tuesday March 24.

The final Emirates service to return to DXB was the EK262 from Sao Paulo. The A388 jet completed its 13 hour and 30 minute flight from Brazil to land in Dubai at 10.35pm on Wednesday, March 25. Its landing put a temporary seal on Emirates' passenger operations.

Farewells around the world

Flights are grounded in 50 countries around the world. Graphic Roy Cooper
Flights are grounded in 50 countries around the world. Graphic Roy Cooper

At airports in 39 countries around the world, outstation teams took to the tarmac to wave farewell to Emirates' last passenger flights for a while.

Outstation crew were photographed in Prague, Newark, Seoul, London and Zurich waving farewell, but not saying goodbye, as the jets took to the skies.

Cargo flights continue

For the next two weeks while Emirates aircraft are grounded, the airline will be busy preparing plans on how to resume operations.

During this time, Emirates will also deploy its cargo fleet around the globe to ensure vital goods, medical supplies and food can be delivered where they are needed.

Emirates flies to more than 150 destinations around the world. For the past few weeks, the airline had been cutting services to various countries around the globe as more travel restrictions and air space closures unfolded.

A UAE government directive designed to protect committees against the spread of Covid-19 was issued on March 24. It stated that all passenger air travel in and out of the UAE is temporarily suspend for a period of at least two weeks.


Grounded Emirates aircraft at Dubai International Airport