Lebanon protests reach new high as plane passengers sing and wave flags

Travellers on a flydubai flight from Dubai to Beirut chanted patriotic songs and waved Lebanese flags

A Flydubai flight travelling from Dubai to Beirut on Thursday saw Lebanese protestors take their chants to the sky. 
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The protests in Lebanon reached literal new highs this week as passengers on a flight from Dubai to Beirut took their plight 38,000 feet up in the sky.

Flydubai flight FZ159 departed Dubai headed for Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport on Thursday, October 24 just after 7pm.

Part way through the flight, a group of passengers congregated towards the front of the aisle on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, and began chanting and clapping.

صوتنا من الأرض للسما! #لبنان_ينتفض Onboard flydubai Boeing 737-800 Dubai-Beirut. ©️Video might be subject to copyrights

Posted by Lebanese Plane Spotters on Thursday, October 24, 2019

At least two passengers flew the Lebanese flag which they had carried on-board the plane.

The atmosphere on board the flight seemed much in keeping with that of the ongoing protests in Lebanon. Those involved were joyous and nearby passengers that were not directly involved in the chanting looked amused.

Several other passengers filmed the proceedings with their mobile phones.

The same sense of patriotism was reflected in a video circulating on social media earlier today showing a group of Lebanese travellers breaking into song and singing the country’s national anthem after arriving at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International

Many of those flying into Beirut are thought to be travelling back to Lebanon to participate in the ongoing protests which are now rolling into their ninth day. The majority of stories emerging from the demonstrations have been of hope and unity with people spotted clearing up rubbish, dancing and getting married in the midst of proceedings.

Emirati citizens have been advised not to travel to Lebanon until further notice due to recent security developments.