How to get a driving licence

Applying for a UAE driving licence is pretty straightforward.
First you need to have your original driving licence translated into Arabic at a recognised translation office. In Abu Dhabi, many of these can be found around the Hamdan Street area; in Dubai, this can be done at the Bur Dubai Traffic Police department located near Mall of the Emirates.
Take the original, your translated copy, a copy of your passport, some passport-sized photos and a letter of no objection from your employer to the relevant licensing body for the emirate where you live. In Abu Dhabi this is the Traffic and Licensing Department off Airport Road and in Dubai the Ministry of Interior is the licensing body, but the issuing of licences is administered at the Bur Dubai Traffic Police building.
You will need to undergo an eye test before you will be issued a licence. In Abu Dhabi an optician is based in the licensing section who can perform the test on the spot.
The fee for the licence is Dh200 in Abu Dhabi and Dh100 for Dubai.
The licence is valid for 10 years and you must have it with you every time you get behind the wheel.
In November 2009, the Ministry of the Interior announced plans to introduce one driving licence that would be valid across the seven emirates but this has yet to be implemented.