For sale: an original Concorde engine worth more than Dh3 million

Aviation geeks can get their hands on a piece of Concorde history, as a Rolls-Royce engine is up for grabs on eBay – just don’t expect it to take flight

A Rolls Royce Olympus turbojet, used to power Concorde, similar to the one listed on ebay. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons /  Timitrius
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In the world of aviation, perhaps no other aircraft is treasured quite like Concorde. A unique reminder of the golden days of flight, the supersonic jet was undoubtedly one of the greatest aircraft ever designed.

The nose-coned jet touched down for the last time in 2003 and went into retirement, prompting a collective sigh of sadness among aviation enthusiasts.

Since then, supersonic souvenirs from the jet have become highly collectible and fans of the sleek delta wing aircraft can now get their hands on a rather large piece of Concorde history – a turbojet engine complete with afterburner.

It's listed on eBay with a buy-it-now price of £748,000 (Dh3.59 million), but the six-metre-long engine also comes with a warning that it's not fit to fly. Instead, it's described as being "perfect to dismantle and repurpose into collectible pieces of furniture or art".

The Rolls-Royce Olympus Turbojet engine 593-610 comes complete with a serial numbered mobile stand and the entire piece weighs a substantial five-and-a-half tonnes. It also comes with a BA signed auctioneers certificate of authenticity, a BA restriction of use document and the original log book. The book reveals the names of the pilots involved in its delivery, including test pilot Squadron Leader Peter Baker, Captain Brian Walpole, who headed up the delivery flight, and Captain Brian Trubshaw, who piloted its acceptance journey.

The power generated by the four Rolls-Royce Olympus 593-610 engines that were mounted under Concorde’s wings allowed the aircraft to reach speeds of 2,140 kilometres per hour.

It’s unclear who the seller is but we do know he or she is based in Farnborough in the UK, has been trading on eBay since November 2004 and has 100 per cent positive feedback. Also listed on the seller's account are some Concorde salad bowls that were the last crockery design used on the jet and a collection of British Airways gold line and crest china.

There are 17 days left to bid on the item.