Famous travel blogging couple post hilarious pictures exploring their house

The 'Follow Me To' couple may not be doing any jetsetting any time soon – so they found another way to be creative with their content

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With the travel and tourism industry hard hit by the coronavirus, and many flights grounded, travel bloggers around the world have been looking for ways to stay relevant. While some have taken to posting pictures of past journeys, the couple who started the famous #FollowMeTo hashtag have gone in a different direction.

Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia Zakharova are famous for posing against some of the most beautiful backdrops around the globe, always with wife Zakharova in focus, seen holding Osmann’s hand as she drags him on new adventures. But since they aren’t exploring any new locations lately, Osmann has posted a series of funny pictures featuring the pair exploring their house instead, on his Instagram handle.

The pictures were accompanied by an informative post sharing tips and precautions.

“Officials around the world say that 'social distancing' is the key to slowing the spread of the Coronavirus. You shouldn’t panic, but taking some precautionary steps is a good decision. Avoid situations where there are crowds. Get your food delivered. Wash your hands and use hand sanitiser. Minimise the use of paper money,” Osmann told his four million followers on Instagram.

“While staying at home you can do many things: read the books you always wanted to but didn’t have time, imagine the places you can go while staring at your washing machine. Practice yoga.”

He even pre-empted any outrage that would come from a funny picture of Zakharova covered in toilet paper by adding a line in the caption: “PS for those who are worried that we wasted the toilet paper - don’t worry we have saved it.”

The Russian photographer and his wife became famous in 2012 when their Follow Me To series went viral. Over the years, it has also led to plenty of copycats. With most travel bloggers currently being grounded, his latest "home edition" series may just start another trend in the weeks to come.