Cutting ties with your job

Whether you are resigning or being laid off, the minimal notice period is generally 30 days.

Fortunately, once you have passed this threshold, most of the bureaucracy should be handled by the company – although you'll need to be patient with your own (much smaller) pile of paperwork. Of course, the company will want copies of most of the clearance letters listed on this page, including those from your bank, utilities provider and landlord. But visa cancellation is the most important task.
First, the company will ask for your passport, along with the passports of any family members living under your sponsorship. These documents will then be taken to the Immigration Department, and when they return the visa will be stamped as cancelled. This can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. There is no charge for the process. But once this step is complete, expatriates are suddenly on the clock. You will have a maximum of 30 days to leave the country. If you exceed this deadline, there is a charge of Dh25 per day for the first six months, and up to Dh100 every day afterwards.
If you need extra time in the country to sort your affairs, one helpful way to avoid fines if you come from a qualifying country is to acquire a visitor's visa at the airport, entitling you to an additional 30 days. In terms of transportation, your company will be expected to provide a one-way ticket to a location of your choosing. If you have completed more than a year of service, you are entitled to an "end-of service gratuity" or severance package, which amounts to a minimum of 21 days of basic salary (listed on your contract) for each of the first five years of continuous service, and 30 days for each following year. Meanwhile, if you are laid off, you can expect a severance equivalent to three months of basic salary.
Your final payment or severance package will be issued once your work visa has been cancelled. Your sponsor will deduct the balance of any unpaid loans or school/housing fees from this pay packet. Overall, leaving your job is not complicated, but it is essential to budget your time properly once the visa clock starts ticking.

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