Coronavirus: more repatriation flights from UAE to Pakistan announced

More than 35 flights, destined for a number of Pakistani cities, will depart the Emirates between Tuesday, June 9 and Monday, June 15

The Lakar Mandi Bazar in Lahore: there are multiple repatriation flights from the UAE to Lahore in the coming few days. See a full list at the bottom of this story. Sharjeel Khalid / Unsplash
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More repatriation flights have been announced for Pakistani nationals in the UAE, with a number of departures scheduled in the first half of June.

According to the -, a number of flights will depart from across the Gulf in the coming days.

A total of 37 flights will take off from the UAE between Tuesday, June 9 and Monday, June 15, a tweet from the government department added, bound for a number of Pakistani cities including Islamabad, Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad.

The majority will be operated by Pakistan International Airline (PIA), though 11 will be operated by UAE airlines, the ministry added.

How can you book these flights?

Those who wish to return home are required to submit their request to the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai. They will be contacted by officials and will be informed on how to move forward with purchasing the flight tickets.

The UAE airlines that will be operating the repatriation flights have not yet been confirmed, nor have the departure airports, but flights are scheduled every day until Wednesday, June 15. The National has reached out to a number of local airlines for information on which routes they are operating; scroll down for a full list of the departing flights from the UAE.

Previously, Pakistan announced special flights departing between Monday, June 1, and Wednesday, June 10, the flights from June 11 to 15 are all new.

The Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development Department also confirmed that all overseas passengers would be tested for Covid-19 on arrival.

"It’s a fact that we are testing everyone landing at airports," the ministry stated on Twitter.

The department also added that 6 per cent of confirmed coronavirus cases were attributed to overseas passengers arriving in Pakistan.

More than 20,000 Pakistanis have been repatriated home from the UAE since mid April, figures released earlier this week showed.

Around 15,000 passengers departed on flights from Dubai, while 5,000 boarded special charters from Abu Dhabi, according to authorities.

Officials from the Overseas Pakistani and Human Resources Development Department said about 60,000 Pakistanis are still waiting to return home from the UAE.

Here is a full list of the repatriation flights departing the UAE for Pakistan:

Tuesday, June 9: Two flights to Peshawar, one flight to Faisalabad

Wednesday, June 10: One flight to Peshawar, one flight to Faisalabad, one flight to Islamabad, one flight to Lahore

Thursday, June 11: One flight to Peshawar, one flight to Islamabad, two flights to Karachi, one flight to Lahore, one flight to Faisalabad, one flight to Multan

Friday, June 12: One flight to Peshawar, one flight to Karachi, one flight to Lahore, one flight to Faisalabad, one flight to Multan

Saturday, June 13: One flight to Islamabad, one flight to Karachi, one flight to Lahore, one flight to Peshawar, two flights to Multan, one flight to Faisalabad

Sunday, June 14: Two flights to Multan, one flight to Peshawar, one flight to Karachi, one flight to Islamabad

Monday, June 15: Two flights to Karachi, one flight to Multan, one flight to Lahore, one flight to Peshawar, one flight to Faisalabad