Cars and pets

To ship your car home, you must first eliminate any outstanding loans.

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In fact, expats require a clearance from the finance department, or your bank needs to certify that you fully own the vehicle. The next step is to deregister the vehicle from one of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) centres in Dubai, or the Traffic and Licensing Department in Abu Dhabi on Al Saada Street. Take your registration card with you, along with your driver's licence and the licence plate number. However, be sure all speeding or parking fines are paid before arriving.
These authorities will then inspect the vehicle and provide you with the paperwork needed to ship it overseas. Customs clearance and delivery takes about five days to the UK and US. Everything must be paid upfront. Fees will vary, but expect to pay at least Dh10,000, and perhaps more depending on the location and size of the car. Many people prefer to avoid the time and hassle of shipping and instead sell their car. Try posting an ad on online marketplaces such as,, or
While you may consider selling your vehicle rather than shipping it home, beloved pets are an entirely different matter. This process can be long and expensive, and you should consult a veterinarian, as rules vary based on your destination. Core documents include a valid health and rabies inoculation certificate, signed by a qualified veterinarian, so make sure these procedures are up to date. Timing is especially important, because many countries, such as the UK, will require a six-month waiting period after the most recent shots before admitting the animal. If you enter the country before this point, your pet may have to be quarantined.
A good place to look for pet shippers is The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International. Visit their website at for a list of companies worldwide. And at the end of the day, be prepared for a hefty expense. Shipping your pet to the UK, including the price of a rabies test and travel crate, is Dh13,279. Shipping to the US will cost about Dh15,000, while Australia tops the list at nearly Dh18,000.