The simple cheese joke that is confusing and delighting the internet

Twitter users are calling it the 'joke of the year'

A simple joke about a photographer being crushed by cheese is delighting the internet. 
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If you have to explain the punchline of a joke, that’s usually not a good sign. But we might just have found the exception.

Comedian Jake Lambert has managed to simultaneously confuse and delight the internet with a simple cheese joke that is now being widely shared.

The joke goes as follows:

Not immediately obvious? Don’t worry, us either. We may or may not have tried to Google if "warn" was also a type of cheese.

A quick look at the replies on Twitter, reassuringly, show that for most people, the punchline didn’t immediately click.

But when it did, people were loving it, with some even branding it the “joke of the year”:

Still unsure? Here's a hint: what do you say to a photographer before they take your picture? You’re welcome.