Shave now, pay later: Dubai barbershop Akin goes cash-free

Card details are taken at the time of booking, making the process quick

Akin the barber goes cash-free. Courtesy Akin
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Gentlemen, you no longer have to worry about leaving your wallet at home when you pop out for a shave. Dubai barbershop Akin has gone cash-free.

Using a dedicated software by Shedul, Akin is shifting to a totally cashless system - which, much like the car ride service Careem, takes card details at the time of booking.

Fear not, however, you won't be charged at the time of booking. However, by holding the details on file, the technology allows your barber to simple press a button on the till to activate payment after your appointment.

The streamlined process also means you'll get in and out quicker, making the entire experience as smooth as an Akin shave. The all-round helpful chaps at Akin also accept Samsung and Apple pay, too.

As founder Leith Matthews explains: “We feel that as we grow, this added efficiency will ultimately provide a greater user experience for our customers. Bookings made through our online platform already account for around 85 per cent of total bookings, and credit card integration at this point will see customers complete their service seamlessly without any card or cash ever being seen in the shop.”

Courtesy Akin
Courtesy Akin


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