Salman Khan: 'People who think that they can't get Covid-19 will cause the death of entire India'

The Bollywood star warned his Instagram followers against violating India's lockdown

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Salman Khan is furious at people who are violating the rules of the lockdown that India has imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

“Do you want to lower India’s population? Starting with your own family?” the Bollywood actor said in a ten-minute video he posted on his Instagram page on Wednesday, April 15, in which he urged people to stay indoors.

“What has the government said? To not go out, don’t participate in social gatherings and spend time with the family,” he said, speaking from his farmhouse near Mumbai.

Khan blasted at people who ventured purposelessly outside during the lockdown, noting that if people had to step out to buy rations, then they should be wearing masks and gloves.

“Tell me if you are right or wrong. If your actions would have been right, the coronavirus and lockdown would have ended by now,” he said, adding that people who think they can’t catch the coronavirus “will cause the death of entire India.

“[It] has the power to wipe out an entire country… Are you strong enough to conduct the funeral rites of your family members because of your carelessness?” Khan said in the video, which is already close to gathering a million likes.

Khan also emphasised on the importance of keeping people’s spirits up during the pandemic, especially those who had been tested positive for Covid-19.

“It's sad to have tested positive for any disease, but it is worse to say negative things about people who have been tested positive. It is anti-human to not understand their pain and discriminate against them.

“People who are negative and are not taking precautions will become positive soon. And then they will transmit the disease to their entire family, from family to their localities. From localities to their city and then to the entire nation.”

The Sultan star praised the efforts of healthcare workers and police officers fighting to keep the virus contained, saying that "they are working round the clock for more than 18 hours a day. And by you stepping out, you are pelting stones at their efforts.

“We have only two choices right now — respect the rules, the doctors and make sure that it doesn’t spread or watch your loved ones die. Do you want the military rule to be imposed?” he warned.