WATCH: We drive a Lamborghini into Dubai nightclub Secret Room

See how the Palm Jumeirah hot spot allows you to park your supercar inside

Dubai's nightlife has become synonymous with glitz and glamour, which makes Secret Room, into which you can drive your supercar, something of a logical conclusion of ostentatious displays of wealth.

So, armed with perhaps the finest Lamborghini currently on sale at a dealer near you, the hyper-track-ready Huracan Performante, we decided to give it a dry run – thankfully, minus the Dh10,000 fee that it would usually cost to park your car here in a display of automotive insanity.

There was perhaps a little mischief in our choice of car – the club's home base, Dubai’s Five Palm Jumeirah hotel, was after all where British tourist Farah Hashi holed up after accumulating Dh170,000 of speeding fines in a rented Huracan in August.

As you can see in our video above, entry to Secret Room's graffiti-splashed car-entry doors is via the hotel's basement car park, and there is only enough space for one vehicle in the venue's designated car port – there aren't many centimetres to spare either side, while the club doors can't shut once the car is safely in place.

Expect the slightly gimmicky innovation to be a hit, though, in a country where supercar ownership is at such a high level that you rarely get more than passing glances driving a Lamborghini in many areas of Dubai. Indeed, we even found another orange Huracan mere metres from Secret Room's entrance when we visited, as you can see below.

We are truly living in the future, too: when, in 2013, cultural visionary Kanye West rapped, "She say 'Can you get my friends in the club?' I say 'Can you get my Benz in the club?'" as a diss to hangers-on, he probably never imagined that he could do exactly that in Dubai five years later.

Come on down, Kanye – Dh10,000 is surely pocket change for you to realise a lyrical dream.


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Updated: October 11, 2018 03:47 PM


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