Watch phenomenal jumps from Land Rover Defenders in 'No Time To Die'

A hardcore trio of the brand's newest 4x4 showed flying cars have become a reality on the set of the new James Bond outing

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Jaguar Land Rover's bid to plug the new Defender and make it possibly the best known thing on Planet Earth after air and sky continues with the release of a new video showing the vehicle in extreme action on the set of the new Bond film No Time To Die.

In the clip, a trio of modified earth crushers tears up the English countryside in a manner more undignified than any group of British football fans intent on a pitch invasion ever could.

Whether 007 himself is at the wheel, or a group of decidedly unpleasant adversaries isn't clear, but whoever is inside is likely to have needed a bit of Savlon and a few sticking plasters after filming, if not a sling or two.

In reality, the chase sequence was led by stunt coordinator Lee Morrison, working alongside action vehicles supervisor Chris Corbould. Also present was Jessica Hawkins, a driver recruited from Formula 3's W Series to take part in the filming of No Time To Die.

Try not to get too tearful if one or more of the on-screen Defenders gets a hammering though, it's bound to happen.

Remember what happened to that Aston Martin DBS V12 in Casino Royale? Could be worse this time round.

The film will be released globally from April 2, 2020.