UAE features among list of world’s most supercar-smitten countries on social media

New research based around Instagram posts shows a not-unexpected fondness for high-end motoring in the Emirates

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You don’t need to have the visual acuity of Clark Kent when he slings aside his spectacles to spot a supercar in the UAE, but a new list shows just how much the nation loves that particular sphere of motoring royalty.

According to new research, the Emirates places fifth in a list dedicated to uncovering the areas where these luxury charabancs are most heavily concentrated and, indeed, shouted about.

Motoring review website Chasing Cars analysed thousands of Instagram posts to see which brands were the most popular, and just where the vehicles and their owners were residing.

The organisation balanced the number of supercar hashtags against the number of drivers in each place to indicate whose roads apparently had the highest density of drivers.

Way ahead of the pack at the top of the list is Monaco (no surprise there).

Perhaps less obvious to predict would be the placings of Denmark and Portugal at two and three respectively, with New Zealand just nudging ahead of the UAE to complete the top five.

To show Monaco’s dominance, there are three Instagram posts per motorist in the sovereign city state, according to the Chasing Cars analysis. which is 19 times higher than second-placed Denmark. That’s a lot of shiny Euro metal in digital format.

Things change considerably, however, when it comes to the top five cities where these posts are coming from. You’d bet Dubai at least would be in there, but apparently not.

Miami in the US tops that list, but the number two city, Manchester in north-west England, may well raise a few eyebrows. Canada's Vancouver comes in third, with perhaps a more expected placing of glitzy US hot spot Las Vegas next in line. Scottish capital Edinburgh rounds out that top five.

Models that get the most Instagram love according to the research are the Ford GT. Heavy presence from McLaren in the top 10, too, with the P1 (second), 720S (fourth), F1 (fifth), and Senna (seventh) all featuring in the mix.

The Bugatti Chiron nipped in at number three, with the Ferrari F40 and LaFerrari at six and eight respectively. The Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8 V10 took up the last two slots.