The Murdoch Redeemeth, bubble junkies get an IPO fix, and Jordanian geeks get what they deserve

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The sleepy Australian city of Adelaide, one-time home base of the editor of this blog as well as AC/DCs Bon Scott, and Rupert Murdoch. (Pic by Tom Gara)


? Today in The National, I ask whether the Sun King's absolutely mind blowing, out-of-the-box concept of charging people for your sevice could be an online game-changer. If anyone can do it, its Lord Murdoq, who like me, started out in the sleepy Australian town of Adelaide.

- Those begging for one more sweet speculative bubble (

) might have to wait a fairly long time, but if you're desperate for a fix of the good stuff,

. No details yet on the company, industry or anything, really, but according to the paper, it will happen after Ramadan, and is one of three IPOs that have been proposed to the market regulator.

- In truly shocking news,

, blaming "a lack of government support and changes in customer purchasing patterns." There's a local PC assembly industry? They want government support? As the market floods with cheap laptops and netbooks, the whole idea of a desktop computer is seeming more niche by the day, let alone a desktop that someone goes to the bother of custom making for you.


after a long, kind of complicated tender / bidding process. Of all the people in the Middle East who deserve to be blanketed by a lovely high-speed mobile network, Jordanian's take the prize, what, being in the heartland of Arab geekdom and all. As said before, Beep Beep is a big Jordan fan.

, Orange has six months to roll out the network, after which it will get to enjoy a one-year exclusivity period.