New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class rolls its way into Abu Dhabi

The top-of-the-range German luxo barge has been on a tour of the UAE capital ahead of its official release later this year

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If a standard Mercedes S-Class isn't quite posh enough for you, you needn't worry, as the new Maybach S-Class – about as high-end as you can get – has just made landfall in Abu Dhabi.

The manufacturer calls the model a classic three-box sedan (others call it a luxo-barge), but those familiar with past models may have guessed that this particular vehicle has rather more going on than other similar cars.

Formally a standalone luxury brand, the Maybach is one of the German marque’s most opulent offerings. This being the case, it’s a vehicle that will probably not be driven by those who buy one. That doesn’t mean it will sit around gathering dust, though – it’s an indicator that a lot of customers will be sitting in the back while a chauffeur does the honours.

So, driving and handling aside, it’s all about the comfort of the ride. Mercedes describes the new Maybach S-Class as being a vehicle with “the utmost grace”, assuring “maximum comfort” and an “aura of grandeur”.

No underselling there, then. Mercedes may have a point, though, as, for many years now, top-of-the-range Maybachs have been used by busy business people as mobile offices, and these are not the kind of people to put up with an ounce of automotive discomfort.

Comfort is what the Maybach is all about, with full leather trim coming as standard.

Much of the interior bears a resemblance to a standard S-Class, but it’s the extra attention to detail that lifts the Maybach above many of its namesake vehicles. Standard features include a panoramic sunroof, powered shades for the rear windows and leather trim throughout.

You can't get this latest Maybach S-Class on your driveway just yet, as full production won't actually start until June

When it comes to what is happening under the bonnet, the S680, to give it its official title, will be powered by a six-litre V12 engine that will generate a whopping 630 horsepower.

The name dates back to one Wilhelm Maybach, who created a motoring company that was making vehicles under this moniker from the early 20th century. After various manoeuvrings, the Maybach found its way under the Mercedes umbrella and, since 2014, has been part of the S-Class roster. Right at the top of said roster, of course.

You can’t get this latest Maybach S-Class on your driveway just yet, as full production won’t actually start until June, but customers in the UAE capital who have got their orders in early can expect delivery from local distributor Emirates Motor Company later on this year.

The vehicle’s starting price is Dh950,000 ($258,679).