Linkage: The Arab League thinks .arab, Majid and Wolverine take on the world, and if you want a cheap phone deal, go to Iraq

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It's been a busy couple of days in the news for all things Beepy:


, planning to snatch up the .arab top-level domain when the internet addressing system is liberalised later this year. And speaking of that,


- A

(ADMC), publishers of The National (and therefore, Beep Beep.) The first game to be produced by the partnership will be based on

, the cartoon character who is something like  an Emirati Peter Pan.

, the company

has joined up with, have a ten-year exclusive deal to produce MMORPG's based on characters from the Marvel Comics universe,

, so Majid could be joining forces with Spiderman and Wolverine sooner than you might have expected.

- The business model of

, as Keach Hagey, The National's media reporter....reports...Also in the world of mobile, Iraqi's are enjoying the region's most competitive mobile market, while the UAE slides down the rankings, Syria, Lebanon and Libya stagnate, and Qatar remains the least competitive market in the region (which is kind of like my home city, Adelaide,



this year, five more than last year, Gulf News reports.

by 2013, up from $3.1 billion last year. These kind of predictions are close to meaningless, but still worth mentioning.

(Pic: The Japanese politician Seiji Ohsaka posts messages to Twitter on his two mobile phones from his office in Tokyo. by Michael Caronna/Reuters)