Go Gear: Get inspired to take a drive with these motoring DVDs

Three must-see features to educate and motivate any petrolhead.

Clarkson: Powered Up.
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The best job in the world

Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson isn't going to disappear from our screens anytime soon. And, for those of us with an appreciation for the curly topped presenter with the best job in the world, the good news is that his new DVD is out on November 7. Clarkson: Powered Up sees the Top Gear star taking a plethora of fabulous cars to a F1 testing circuit near Marseilles to work out what his car of the year is.

Pre-order it now on www.amazon.co.uk for Dh80.

Digital delight

Can animated movie giants Pixar do no wrong? No, they can't, in fact, and Cars 2 is evidence of this. The film-makers that have given us Toy Story 3 and Up among others are back with the follow-up to 2006's Cars - the aptly named Cars 2, which is released on November 1 and features the voices of Michael Caine and Owen Wilson. It's great entertainment for the kids and even has enough jokes for adults, too.

Check it out at www.dvdempire.com. Dh103.

Highly charged argument

At a time when electric cars are all the rage with manufacturers, this 2006 docufilm takes a look back on how that same industry all but destroyed the idea of electric cars after sustainable versions were produced in 1996. In light of the current trend for electric concepts, director Chris Paine has this year made a follow-up: Revenge of the Electric Cars, set for DVD release next year.

For now, you'll find his first film on www.aido.com for a mere Dh20.