Go Gear: Clever car storage solutions

Three handy holding devices for your car to keep your gadgets and sunglasses safe.

Mobile phone holder.
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Enjoy a bright start

Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Sunglasses? Erm, sunglasses ... hmm. Where on earth are my sunglasses? I need to get out the door now - I'm in a hurry. We know, it's a pain, isn't it? Again though, all this pain and annoyance could be resolved with a little holster, a Type S Sunglasses holster, to be precise. This handy little device allows you to clip your sunglasses onto your car's sun visor so you'll never again have to scurry about looking for them. www.halfords.com. Dh40.

A device worth pocketing

Don't know about you but sometimes we find that dashboard-mounted mobile phone holders can be a bit fidgety. If you're in a rush, trying to remove it from the holster can often end in tears as your phone slips down that awkward space between the seat and gearstick area. But not with this fidget-free dashboard pocket that allows you to store mobiles and wallets with ease and retrieve them again without any hassle. It's a simple solution but that's often the best kind. www.tempsl.co.uk. Dh60.

Disconnected from driving

As with all the mod cons installed in cars these days that allow you to access Facebook, Twitter and the like, we're not quite sure why you need them. Surely enjoying the driving experience - and staying safe by concentrating on the road - without social networking interference is a better option? Nonetheless, there's a demand for these things, so here's a dash-mounted iPad holder that means you can access the World Wide Web while on the move. www.padholdr.com. From Dh515.

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