Bentley unleashes new Continental GT Speed, its most dynamic model yet

The luxury manufacturer says its latest creation is capable of tearing up the tarmac like never before, but only in the most refined fashion

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Bentley has just unleashed its new Continental GT Speed and the company is touting it as the most capable, performance-focused vehicle it has ever created.

This would definitely seem to be the case if the accompanying statistics are anything to go by. The new vehicle is powered by a six-litre W12 engine that will pump out 650 brake horsepower, which should be sufficient to get you to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.5 seconds from a standing start. And, foot to the floor, the Speed GT will touch 335kph.

Proper supercar performance, then, but from a vehicle that, in human form, would be decked out in a dinner jacket or ball gown. Looks-wise, the car is not, by any means, a radical departure from its most recent incarnation, but the differences come in the details, Bentley assures us. It's a speedy beast, but with no compromise to comfort or luxury.

On the outside, there is a new darker front grille and some upgraded side skirts to make the car look sportier. The inside is decked out in leather and wood, with metal trims, so you don’t feel like you’re in a horse-drawn cart.

There are plenty of add-ons available, of course – if you're feeling really flash, you can even get jewel-encrusted fuel and oil-filter caps, which, let's face it, isn't an option on your average charabanc.

The new GT Speed, like its forebears, has been designed, developed and handcrafted in the company’s factory in the northern English city of Crewe. The model is now in its third generation, following a line that began in 2007.

Bentley unveils the new Continental GT Speed

Bentley unveils the new Continental GT Speed

The cars were apparently inspired by the three-litre Speed models of the 1920s, though you’d be hard-pushed to find many similarities. However, the latest model continues the bloodline by representing a “combination of luxury and performance in a Grand Touring package”, Bentley says.

No word on price or arrival dates yet, but estimates suggest you may have to pay in the region of $210,000 for a base model.

It's all distinctly posh on the inside.
It's all distinctly posh on the inside.