Arabic support for Android devices gaining traction

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Finding a mobile in the Middle East that operates Google's Android back end may be hard to come by. But that may change once Arabic is fully supported by the operating system.



to provide support for the Arabic language is the second-most requested item on the web site.

More than 1,500 people has flagged the issue, about 100 less than the most-desired request, getting and easier voice dialing system implemented in Android phones. A selection of some user's specific request (sic) follows:

I bought Android phone (htc hero) once I was abroad and it was great. I actuallyused to write or read in English and this was ok.. when I came back home I wasunable to communicate to anyone because the phone has no Arabic langauge supportwhich embarrased me with my family and my friends. I am wondering now shall I sellmy Android phone and buy Iphone or return to Nokia mobiles (symbain).. this is notfair taking care of particular languages and ignore the other languages even now Ihave heard that google works on Hebrow language without mention any intention forArabic language support! (by adelbnn)

Microsoft start to lose some market in arab countrey, Because they ignore the arabic language. Android is a very powerfull OS, we are looking for google to support arabic ( asthey alawse do ) (by malomari)

It is not hard to support Arabic for Google.Thousands or millions of Arabic. People they are waiting for you and I am sure if theycan speak or write English they will write for you. WE love Android system and google also.So please we need your support. (by

You get the picture.

In any case, the amount of buzz behind getting Arabic onto Android is not something the internet giant can ignore, especially in a market that feels like everyone owns a smartphone. I'd expect to see this happen very, very shortly.

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(Photo credit: The Samsung Moment, a mobile that works with the Google Android, operating system is featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. The phone displays mobile television technology that beamed an American college football game during the trade show.

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