43 of the craziest modified motors at the Custom Show Emirates 2019

Modifiers from across the UAE descended upon Adnec to show off their wares

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The Custom Show Emirates rolled into Abu Dhabi on its metaphorical alloy wheels over the weekend, gathering together modified motors from across the UAE and beyond.

Not content with displaying the country's finest upgraded vehicles, the Adnec-based event featured drifting displays, 4x4 tear-ups, and general vehicular mayhem in a tyre-surrounded arena set up in the forecourt of the U-shaped main building.

Smoke billowed as competitor after competitor ripped their tyres apart on the harsh surface, creating a cacophony of noise so loud many had to cover their ears.

That was outside though - inside, strict instructions were issued to the effect that no exhibitor was allowed to start his or her engine while the show was in progress.

As such, some of the more power hungry beasts were out of juice come the twilight of the event, their sound and light shows having sucked batteries dry.

As is often the way at similar shows, US cars and trucks dominated, various Dodges and Ford Mustangs being the most common, but there were plenty of German and Japanese offerings as well.

Mirroring its popularity in the UAE, modern off-roaders in both dark and moody and day-glo colour schemes that looked like they could make mincemeat of the harshest terrain were also in abundance.

The event, being run in conjunction with the International Motor Show Abu Dhabi, the capital's annual new vehicle show, is the highlight of the year for the city's many car clubs, with a bent towards giving vehicles a little extra oomph.

A series of awards were handed out to worthy winners in a ceremony at the end of the weekend.