Bespoke Bugatti Chiron trio storm into UAE

The handsome threesome have been built to order for clients in the Emirates

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Bugatti has unveiled a trio of bespoke, and distinctly fancy, Chirons, all going to hypercar aficionados in the UAE.

As part of its Sur Mesure programme, which is an umbrella term covering all the manufacturer’s client customisation efforts, the threesome have been designed as unique automotive works of art.

Each has been hand-painted, with two of the three coming with what Bugatti refers as the Vagues de Lumiere effect. This means waves of light and comprises a pattern that is designed to show how rays naturally reflect off the sweeping curves of the car.

The line-up consists of two Super Sports and a Pur Sport. Despite the modifications, each is still powered by an eight-litre, 16-cylinder engine which can reach 100 kilometres per hour in 2.3 seconds.

The first of the Super Sports has a strident blue exterior, enveloped by a similarly vibrant orange hue. Finer details include magnesium wheels and engine bay lettering, with the number 38 emblazoned on the grille.

The Pur Sport comes in a darker blue, but this time is overlaid in the Vagues de Lumiere style. A plate on the rear wing bears the French flag, and a number 9 is painted on the grille.

The second Super Sport features an even deeper blue skin, with the inside featuring matching two-tone seats. The door panels have been stitched with individualised sketches.

“From colours that could be as simple as black and white to a complex combination of orange and turquoise, each car is a representation of individual style, taste and personality and inspires joy and confidence beyond mere monetary value,” said Sultan Al Habtoor, president of Al Habtoor Motors.

No one is revealing how much each vehicle cost, but a base-level Chiron goes for a little over Dh13 million.

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Updated: September 18, 2022, 9:02 AM