Mosi Tea: why a crowdfunding campaign about a travel teapot hit 25 times its target

The multisensory tea infuser allows you to brew the perfect cup on the go

Mosi's infuser keeps tea hot or cold for hours on end. 

Any tea drinker will tell you there's nothing quite like loose leaf. The tea is fresher, the flavours are more intense and it is packed with more essential oils. But a good cup of loose-leaf tea takes time. In order to get the most out of these unbroken fronds, they need to be left to stew, infuse and be strained before they can be properly enjoyed.

Achieving this in a hurry is tough, leaving most tea drinkers little option but to resort to a teabag and flask for their daily fix. That's why new product Mosi Tea is making waves on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The multisensory tea infuser allows you to brew the perfect cup on the go. The page for the patent-pending infuser launched in April with a goal of raising $15,000 (Dh55,000). The cut-off may be two days away, but the project has already achieved more than 25 times that target, raising about $397,000.

The innovative design is said to ehance the natural flavours of the tea. Courtesy: Mosi Tea

So what is it about Mosi Tea that has piqued the attention of its 6,000-strong army of backers? After all, a quick scan of Amazon will show you a number of other tea infuser flasks already on the market. It could be that Mosi Tea promises to take things one step further. "Back in 2015, I was in search of an on-the-go tea infuser," says Paul Davis, the brand's founder. "Although there are infusers out there, they had their limitations and just didn't feel or work right. So I decided to make my own." The result is what Davis says is the "world's best tea infuser", a claim he makes due to a number of lofty innovations within its design.

How it works

Mosi Tea allows users to scoop any loose-leaf tea into a sieve, which can then be securely fastened to the lid of the flask. The sieve is made from flexible silicone, so it's easy to clean once it has been used. Boiling or cold water can then be poured via the lid through the sieve into the bottle below, before the lid is securely fastened, allowing the bottle to be turned upside down to rest, and the tea leaves to steep for as long as required.

This infographic explains how the Mosi Tea infuser works. Courtesy: Mosi Tea

Another key feature of Mosi Tea's infuser that has sparked excitement is its "intuitive" drinking cup. The bottle has been designed with a mouthpiece shape, which mimics a traditional teacup and includes tiny holes that allow you to experience "chemosensation" – meaning you can smell and taste your tea at the same time, enhancing the flavour.

The bottle is made from Titan, a material that has the look and feel of glass, but is tough enough to ensure that it is shatterproof. It also features double insulation, so the tea will stay hot or cold for hours after it is brewed, without leaving condensation on the outside. The 350-millilitre infuser, which will be available in four colours, will also come with the option of a matcha tea add-on sieve, which mimics a traditional Japanese matcha whisk.

The double-insulated bottle keeps tea hot or cold for hours after it is brewed. Courtesy: Mosi Tea

The health benefits of loose leaf tea

And then there are the health benefits of loose leaf. Tea has been known to help with everything from high cholesterol to insomnia and acne. The highest-quality drinking tea is made from loose leaves, thanks to their larger surface area. When the tea leaves are bigger, they hold more natural essential oils, which in turn provide more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as well as giving the drink more flavour. In contrast, tea bags often contain lower-grade tea, made up of tea-leaf dust and fannings – much smaller pieces of the leaf, which tend to lose much of their natural vitamins and minerals.

The idea behind Mosi

Davis fell in love with tea after a childhood spent in South Africa, where the drink, he says, was an important part of everyday life. "There was a saying: 'Americans have watches; Africans have time,'" he recalls. "Relationships were of the utmost importance, and when people gathered, tea was always at the centre."

The brand’s name was inspired by Victoria Falls, known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya, a place that Davis remembers fondly from his years spent in Zimbabwe. “I still affectionately look back at my time in Africa gathered with friends around a good cup of tea,” says Davis, who now lives in the US. “And wherever I go, I wanted to be able to take that feeling and a good cup of tea with me.” And with Mosi, he now can.

Paul Davis, founder and creator of Mosi Tea. Courtesy: Mosi Tea

The Kickstarter campaign will close on Thursday, and with its target well and truly smashed, backers can expect to receive their Mosi Tea infusers from December. The early pledges start at $32, which will give you an infuser in your choice of colour, and cover the cost of shipping to anywhere in the world.

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