Would you pay Dh350,000 to safekeep your valuables?

The Vision vault and watch winder from Buben & Zorweg is a piece that promises both luxury and safety

The Vision safe. Courtesy Buben & Zorweg
The Vision safe. Courtesy Buben & Zorweg

Vision, manufactured by Buben & Zorweg, ticks all the right boxes as far as luxury safes go. It is VdS-approved, a prestigious certification issued directly by German insurance companies, but is also handcrafted from the finest materials.

The stainless steel handles are inlaid with mother-of-pearl, while the semi-matte oak door frames a high-resistance security glass that’s variably mirrored, so you can choose to reveal or conceal the safe’s contents. The glass door is secured with a double electronic transponder lock, which can only be opened with an authorised digital passcode or emergency key.

Inside, the vault is divided into two sections. The top section is dominated by Buben & Zorweg’s patented 27 Time Mover, which provides a visually striking framework for watch collectors that allows them the freedom to choose how to present their precious possessions, and comes inbuilt with the brand’s signature clock.

The main safe, adorned with Orion stitching in plush black velour, sits below. It includes its own Time Mover watch-winding technology and holds a further eight timepieces. The interior also comes with a high-gloss Macassar finish, LED lighting with a fading function and two opaque storage drawers.

The Vision can be purchased as an inbuilt or a standalone piece, for Dh344,260. The latter will be presented for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair this month, while the former can be ordered now from Buben & Zorweg’s showroom in Dubai.

Published: April 7, 2019 07:30 AM


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