This Dh38 million Dubai villa comes with its own car showroom

The Al Barari property is more than just a home with all sorts of delights hidden out the back

Is there such a thing as the perfect property?

Even the least pedantic among us can find a characteristic that grates within the finest palaces and mansions mankind has built. And it is these minor details that can be the difference between shelling out millions of dirhams and keeping your hard-earned money tucked away in the bank.

It could be that the front entrance is not welcoming enough, the house does not face in the right direction or the walk-in wardrobe does not have enough shoe space.

Or, maybe the parking arrangements are not quite right for your fleet of supercars? Afterall, the UAE is a haven for car enthusiasts.

That issue could not be attached to this Dh38 million villa in Dubai's Al Barari that has come on the market with, for this has a home within a home where your cars can sleep easy.

The garage is not so much a garage – not in the sense that many of us are familiar with. Absent is the musty smell of old belongings, tossed in the corner in cardboard boxes and left for years, possibly decades, having promised several times to throw them out.

There are no tins of paint, tools , an old jacket hanging on the wall or maybe a sledge for the kids in winter (depending where you live), tucked away where it doesn't matter once the snow has had its time and drips away.

Instead, this property has its own car showroom with space for four prize motors. It stands adjacent to the main house, with its glass casing making it look like a work of art in a museum. Just make sure you ask before you touch.

The cars are even given the human treatment - the glass casing is air conditioned. If you are more of a Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sunny kind of person and would prefer to keep your cars away from sight, there is a more regular garage at the front of the property.

Aside from the grand parking feature, the property has a lot more to offer, including a 1,300 square feet swimming pool that would be a standard at a five-star hotel. The gym overlooks the pool from its own outhouse, while further down the garden is a spa with treatment rooms, plunge pool and steam room, and then there is a yoga studio.

If all of that has failed to impress visitors, then there is another outdoor party piece this property has up its sleeve in the form of a wood-finished dining room topped by a shaded rooftop lounge overlooking the expansive grounds.

Inside the house, there are six bedrooms amid a 19,145 square feet built-up area.

Creme-coloured interiors offset by the dark wood doors and frames are the overriding theme, making for a calm and comfortable environment. It certainly lacks the ostentatiousness of many of the houses in this price bracket in Dubai.

Where it does take the extra step is entertainment. The basement features a cinema complete with a starry sky lighting effect on the ceiling, and there is also a lounge area set up for playing games.


Q&A: Andrew Cummings, co-founder and managing director

Do you come across many buyers who are as concerned with the welfare of their cars as they are of the house?

In the luxury market, buyers are looking for much more than a house, whether it be a place to store their art, top-of-the-line appliances or indeed ample space for their luxury car collection. Dubai is known for its supercars and, of course, the owners of these prestigious vehicles need somewhere to keep them.

The pool is as big as many apartments – is it one of the biggest in Dubai?

It is certainly one of the most luxurious pools in Dubai with a style that will be recognisable to those who have visited the spectacular pool at One and Only The Palm.

Is the Al Barari project now finished or is there more to come?

The Residences are a mature 10-year old community that has most recently been joined by the Nest and now the contemporary apartments at Ashjar and Seventh Heaven.

Sustainable living is a growing trend. Where else can it be found in the UAE?

We are seeing increasing efforts to bring sustainability in Dubai from the well-known Sustainable City to new developments like Signature Livings in JVC, which is Dubai's first solar powered apartment project.