Dh42m Pearl Jumeirah villa in Dubai has grandeur in every corner

Vintage design takes you back in time at this 10-bedroom mansion

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Standing at the top of the stairs and then slowly ghosting down each step makes you feel like a film star every time.

Fans of the love story element of Titanic could endlessly reenact the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack awaits Kate Winslet's Rose before she gracefully makes her way down to greet the penniless artist dressed as a nobleman.

If that isn't your thing then substitute in any high quality period drama – the UK's Downton Abbey perhaps, or turn and announce to no-one in particular over the banister: "I'm Gatsby", in homage to the Baz Luhrmann adaptation of the classic novel about the fabulously wealthy mansion dweller in New York.

Husbands could await their wives before uttering unbridled words of admiration as they prepare to set off into the night...

"My love, you look truly remarkable..."

The staircase in question doesn't belong on the set of a Hollywood movie – it is on Dubai's Pearl Jumeirah island, and it is deserving of every ounce of the dramatic build up.

On the market with LuxuryProperty.com, it is eye-opening in every respect, from its Dh42 million price tag to the extraordinary interior.

All of the villas on the island are custom built, so it is highly unlikely you will come across any two the same, and you would be hard-pressed to find another in Dubai that looks quite like this.

Rather than the modern take of sharp lines, minimalism and huge glass panels with light pouring in, the theme here is a more traditional Regency look.

It is like stepping back into an era when spare time was spent hosting large gatherings with invites out among the top social circles by letter and envelope rather than social media.

The vintage statement begins with the exterior and its lavishly-designed perimeter wall, through to the main entrance which is topped by an outdoor chandelier.

Upon entering you step into an atrium where you are graced with the flowing staircase and its gold banisters – and it's a taste of what is to come, for gold is prominent throughout. It is found within the patterned windows, in the wallpaper, wall moulding, light fixtures and furniture – even the taps are gold.

Then there's the basement which has been given the artistic treatment as well. This huge vacant area has a mosaic-tiled Jacuzzi, and to bring the outdoors in, it is overlooked by a mural featuring a lake and mountain scene. Most unusual.

With a sauna room adjoined, it could all be turned into a fitness studio or health-related environment.

Spread across 14,000 square feet and with 10 bedrooms, it is of a size that makes you feel like Lord or Lady of the Manor – if that's your thing.

There's 10 bedrooms with this one featuring a lush carpet.
There's 10 bedrooms with this one featuring a lush carpet.

Q&A: Evgeniya Starinkova, private client advisor, LuxuryProperty.com

This property is certainly an eye-opener. Is it a rarity to see such vintage design in a new house in Dubai?

The design aesthetic of the home is truly unique and provides a buyer with the best of both worlds – a well-built villa complete with all the modern conveniences one would expect complemented by a heritage interior that provides for a distinctly classical vintage character.

Homes adopting this genre of vintage interior design are indeed somewhat of a rarity in Dubai. I am reminded of the phrase "luxury never goes out of fashion" and indeed the vintage design will also never go out of fashion.

It has 10 bedrooms … who needs 10 bedrooms?

A cricket team without a wicketkeeper? A football team without a goalie? The forwards of a rugby team and the halfbacks?

But more seriously, this home lends itself to family life. Grandparents, cousins, siblings – all of them can be happily accommodated in this home. What is unique about the villa is that 10 bedrooms is just the start. There is an abundance of family and entertaining space spread across the entire expanse of the home.

How advanced is the infrastructure on Pearl Jumeirah?

Pearl Jumeirah is one of Dubai's best kept secrets. A stunning island where homes are being constructed by owner occupiers and are being designed with true architectural merit. Several of these homes are already occupied by families. There is plenty of ongoing construction around the area with a boutique mall set to be delivered by 2020. It is also home to the famous and immensely popular Nikki Beach.

How long has it been on the market?

We brought this villa to market three weeks ago and we have already seen significant amounts of interest as it is incredibly unique and boasts a fantastic address.