Jada Pinkett Smith is on an action-packed Dubai visit

The actress is here this week along with husband Will Smith. While we've kept abreast of Will's activities, here is a look at what she has been up to

Jada Pinkett Smith has enjoyed an adventurous week in Dubai. AFP
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Jada Pinkett Smith, like her husband Will, is no stranger to Dubai. This trip, a seemingly private holiday for the couple, has seen the actress admiring the Burj Khalifa, visiting some elephants, enjoying a desert safari and sky-diving.

Her first Dubai post, on October 13, is of the Burj Khalifa lit up in pink, saying: "Here’s to Breast Cancer Awareness Month from the Burj Khalifa 🎗"

In the next post, we see a video of Pinkett Smith meeting and feeding an elephant. She seems a bit nervous, and skitters away at one point after the elephant takes an apple from her. Will Smith can be heard giving his trademark chuckle in the background, and we also see the back of someone, who we think could be Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, filming the encounter.

The post says: "jadapinkettsmith made a new friend today. I love elephants. They are soooo intelligent ✨ Much love to HRH Sheikh Hamdan @faz3 for this opportunity".

The next video shows Pinkett Smith in the desert in front of a setting sun with her head wrapped in a ghutra. She says: "I am sitting here in the desert and just looking at this beautiful vastness, and thinking of those times when I've compromised myself, because I've been afraid to be alone and this desert reminded me of lonely paths I've had to travel within, and how I've had to put everything I love, and everything I've built on the line to simply be happy and how it can be the most terrifying thing to do and you can feel absolutely lonely but there's so much beauty in emptiness. So much beauty there, and we should all just look at how we are compromising ourselves in our lives and compromising our happiness simply to not be alone. Here's to love and here's to you."

The next adventure on Pinkett Smith's action-packed trip sees a picture of her jumping out of a plane captioned "... by the way ... I jumped out of a plane today✨ 📷".

Will Smith has so far posted himself perched on a closed toilet on the 154th floor of Burj Khalifa and we found a post from barbershop Beats and Cuts of the 50-year-old actor after a grooming session.

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