How to buy and collect vintage fashion

A little bit of Rue de Cambon in Paris is coming to Dubai's Mall of the Emirates Wednesday.

With a rare and diverse range of Chanel handbags in tow, Seth Weisser has flown in from the US to explain their provenance and hold a style workshop in Harvey Nichols, Mall of the Emirates, Wednesday.

Can you describe the capsule collection you've brought to Dubai?

It contains more than 100 original vintage Chanel bags from the 1980s to 1990s. Many are discontinued models that are very coveted by Chanel collectors. They come from top Chanel dealers and collectors globally, who we work with regularly.

We've also got more than 60 pieces of original Chanel jewellery from the same era. They are all costume pieces, mainly plated in 18k gold, with many displaying faux pearls and semi-precious stones.

What sets Chanel apart from other fashion houses?

Chanel is very timeless. Their designs remain very current yet also fashion-forward on many levels. The artisanship and craftsmanship is renowned the world over and the unique designs and aesthetics have made Chanel one of the most sought-after brands in the world.

What can people gain from the workshop you'll be holding?

It will be a great opportunity for people to get first-hand knowledge of how to buy and collect vintage. I will also be on hand to advise clients about the collection we're showing at Harvey Nichols.

What trends are hot in vintage fashion right now?

This season Yves Saint Laurent is very hot due to the brand's resurgence under Hedi Slimane. We are also seeing the comeback of grunge and rock 'n' roll fashion.

How was your interest in fashion first sparked?

In my youth, I was always interested in my personal style. I would try to stay on top of trends and express myself through fashion.

Why focus on the period of 1860-1990s fashion?

Mainly because it's the fullest range of vintage fashion the market can offer. That said, we've sought out wearable pieces as well as key inspirational pieces from every era.

Weisser's workshop is at Harvey Nichols in Dubai's Mall of the Emirates Wednesday. To secure your seat, call 04 409 8888

Weisser on vintage

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