Wish List: Emu Round lounge chair

Practical, timeless and unobtrusively elegant, this piece by Christophe Pillet instantly envelops your body into comfort and relaxation.

In the same week that we added the Vitra Slow chair to our wish list, we spotted Emu's Round lounge chair in Bloomingdale's Home. Elements of this chair have definite echoes of Vitra's contemporary classic, but the price tag is far more budget friendly.

Emu's Round chairs, by the French design hero Christophe Pillet, are moulded from a single piece of meshed metal sheeting and characterised by their soft lines and curves, which maximise their comfort. And comfort is something the Lounge model in particular excels at; its satisfyingly wide, deep, low-slung seat instantly envelopes and positions your body into reclining relaxation.

Practical, timeless and unobtrusively elegant, this is a chair that looks just as good in a lounge as it does on a terrace, which means you can admire it indoors when summer descends again.

Emu Round Lounge Chair, Dh1,750, Bloomingdale's Home, Dubai Mall

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