What to buy now: home expert shares interior design trends for 2019

From the prints to watch to the couch to buy, home expert Carol Sukkar gives us advice on what's trending

Handwoven cushions are timeless in design, and sustainable, too. 
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When it comes to creating the ideal home, every designer understands that furniture can make or break a space. Choosing the right pieces can elevate the aesthetic of any room, from handmade chairs, exquisite chandeliers to marble printed tables. These are some of the top trends to keep on your radar for the rest of this year.

L-shaped sofas

Corner sofas have been a staple in living rooms for a while now and are great for stretching out and just laying back on. The design allows you to create more space and is both functional and compact at the same time. The L-shaped sectional sofa is so fuss-free, and gives your space effortless style and a casual, comfortable vibe. It is also probably the only type of sofa you can place anywhere and creates a cosy nest for you to snuggle up in. It also maximises space and avoids odd corners by filling them up.

The L-shaped sectional sofa is so fuss-free, and gives your space effortless style and a casual, comfortable vibe. Courtesy Home and Soul

Statement rugs

A statement rug can make the home feel more coherent and brighter. Rugs anchor a room and layer its decor. Mix up your space with upholstered furniture and eye-popping hues – this will add a subtle twist. A rug will also help bring warmth to the space. Layer one of an unusual shape over a standard rug to add a component of visual interest. Grab a bright option that goes with the bold colour scheme of your living area.

Marble print

Marble has a calming effect. There's something very timeless about it, and marble furniture has become a trend in recent years. Marble side tables exude elegance by adding texture to any monochrome environment. The kitchen is a great area to incorporate it as well, in the island, countertops or cabinets. Floor and table lamps, along with side and dining tables, are good furniture pieces where marble can be used. Too much, however, can look busy and cold, but the right amount produces a lavish effect.

Minimalist decor

Minimal decor is making a comeback. Courtesy Home and Soul

Minimal decor was big in the 1960s and 1970s, and now it's making a comeback. Never underestimate the power of investing in pieces that will make a bold statement in a subtle manner. This helps any room look fresh with subtle hues and tones without the unnecessary ­clutter. Use plenty of wicker baskets to store magazines, throws and other items that are only needed for specific occasions.

Statement pendant lighting

Pendant lights are stylish and romantic, bringing heaps of personality to any room. They can create warm lighting over tables, breakfast bars or lounge seating. Whether you need something to introduce an unexpected dash of colour, a sculptural piece to draw the eye upward, or a sleek fixture that brings balance to the room, a statement light can do wonders when changing the aesthetic of the room.

A sculptural pendant light draws the eye upward. Courtesy Home and Soul

Handwoven cushions

These are the perfect items to add to any decor set up, to freshen the look. Handwoven cushions are timeless in design, and sustainable, too. Additionally, cushion-covers with traditionally used handloom and weaving techniques ooze charm and add sheer elegance to any sofa, contributing to the warmth of a room.

Try to incorporate Ikat cushions into any room as there is an inherent beauty of a completely handwoven and dyed fabric. Boho pillows are the perfect accessory to make any area look chic.Think of odd numbers as well, which make your space look more fashionable. A larger amount of small pillows is not always better. Instead, use larger pillows, which look better and not excessive.