Five pieces of furniture we're loving from Haitch For Handmade

A range of handmade products from international designers is now available to from the newly launched UAE-based portal

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Haitch for Handmade focuses on luxury and contemporary items from around the world, and in addition to one-off home decor pieces, includes jewellery and art. Here are five pieces of furniture that will bring an air of style and sophistication to your space.

Rate of knots (pictured above)

A few years ago, Canadian product designer Kino Guerin challenged himself to only create furniture using a single piece of wood, with no legs, crossbars or supports. The Why Knot bench is one in a series of bent-wood creations that play with the equilibrium between the curve and the straight line to conversation-starting effect.

Why Knot bench by Kino Guerin, Dh26,350

Trunk card 

Amori elephant sculpture. Courtesy Haitch

Crafted from locally sourced teak wood, this sculpture was made in Mas, Bali’s famous wood-making town by Indonesia-based Amori. Each piece takes two months to make, and is treated for protection from rot and discolouration.

Asian Elephant sculpture by Amori, Dh44,060

Light and shade

Teshie Blue Star lampshade. Courtesy Haitch

The Teshie lampshade from the UK-based Copper Dust is named for a coastal suburb in Ghana, which is associated with serenity. Accordingly, the soothing yellows and blues are worked into a geometric pattern, with the royal blue stars reflecting the point where the town meets the beach. The shade is stitched together using Jasco wax-block-print cotton and navy linen.

Teshie Blue Star lampshade Copper Dust, Dh1,610

Shape up  

V Lamp. Courtesy Haitch

Known for his monument lamps, Louis Jobst handcrafted the V Lamp from timber, glass and metal. The British designer is particularly interested in using robust materials and large-scale industrial-level processes to create items that are elegant and delicate, as this brown and gold creation attests.

V Lamp by Louis Jobst, Dh7,916

Pretty powerful

Bowl with folded structure. Courtesy Haitch

Ceramic artist Simon Koeford has worked exclusively with porcelain in the last decade. The Danish designer, who processes the fine-grained clay from its liquid to baked state by hand, says that although it may look it, the material is not as fragile as we think, although we wouldn’t necessarily play catch with this folded structure bowl.

Porcelain bowl by Simon Koefoed, Dh2,523


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