Everybody needs feng shui guidance

Raymond Lo, a "Grand Master" of the ancient art, is coming to Dubai to give some workshops.

Raymond Lo. Mike Clarke / AFP
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We probably think that we've all adopted a little feng shui into our lives. Moving the TV to face the sofa - that's feng shui, right? What about shoving all the boxes into the spare room, or under the bed, or not having the toilet door open out on to the kitchen? Not quite. Well, we think it's not right, but you can find out for yourself later this month when feng shui "Grand Master" Raymond Lo comes to Dubai for a series of workshops.

Introducing Mr Lo

Commonly known as "Feng Shui Lo" according to his biog, the Hong Kong resident is a "professional feng shui and destiny consultant, author and lecturer", who can help people "create harmony with their environment, for greater relationships, health, wealth and success". Sounds nice.

About the workshops

There are two three-day sessions. The first, or Level 1 (Sunday to Tuesday), will be an introductory class covering the background and theories of feng shui, with Lo touching on concepts such as "flying star charts" and "feng shui objects and cures".

Level 2 (Wednesday to July 13) introduces Yin House theories, plus feng shui design for the home and office as well as some fieldwork and case studies. Each day is a full 10am to 6pm session.

There's an optional practical module on July 14, in which you'll visit one commercial and one residential site and apply all your new feng shui knowledge.

Is Lo any good?

Well, aside from appearing on a number of TV shows (the BBC's Whicker's World and ABC's Good Morning America, to name just two), he's managed to successfully predict a number of international events, including the fall of Mikhail Gorbachev, the resignation of Margaret Thatcher and the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Perhaps most impressively, he predicted the break-up of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He probably knows who's getting custody of Suri, too.

What Mr Lo has to say about Dubai's feng shui

Quite a lot, actually. Apparently, the emirate is positioned rather well in feng shui terms.

"Dubai is located at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf. In feng shui, the mouth of water is considered as the head of the dragon where the dragon breathes energy into the ocean," he says.

"Such locations usually carry massive energy and will be a good condition for prosperous cities."

Also, Dubai facing north-west towards the Arabian Gulf is a good thing, too. "This is feng shui configuration called 'Dragon turning head to greet the ancestor'," he adds.

"As such, Dubai is in a position to receive the massive dragon energy and shelter it from escaping quickly into the ocean."

Sounds great. Sign me up.

The workshops are being held in the aptly named Fortune Executive Towers in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Level 1 costs Dh2,200, Level 2 Dh2,950 and the final day Dh1,100.

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