Heading for the greens with Emirates Golf Club’s Ladies Programme

Get to grips with golf during an eight-week course at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai.

Emirates Golf Club offers an eight-week Ladies Programme and it's sister club on Dubai Creek has the option to Learn Golf in a Week. Courtesy Emirates Golf Club
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Having never played the game before, the perception I held of golf was pretty much P G Wodehouse’s antiquated version of the sport. Happily the game has come a long way since the days of checked plus fours, Argyle socks and oversized flat caps, as I discovered when I signed up for an eight-week course at Dubai’s Emirates Golf Club (EGC).

Tee time

Flanked by two friends equally keen to get to grips with a club, I started lessons with the PGA professional Tom Green. His patience was inexhaustible and, under his expert coaching, our frustrations at slicing and struggling to hit the ball at all rapidly became a thing of the past. With most of our tutorials held at the driving range, perfecting our swing was at the top of Green’s list.

One aid that proved particularly useful was his iPad, which recorded our shots in slow motion; allowing us to see where our posture, grip or follow-through were falling short.

As the weeks passed and our confidence grew, we were schooled in the etiquette of the game and the numerous clubs, namely which one to use for what distance. The most satisfying part of the course was when we ventured onto the manicured green to refine our putting or chipping technique.

Learning curve

The two months flew by and having completed the lessons, I feel eight more weeks would bring me up to par. The fastest way to see results is by practising and a perk of signing up with EGC is that you get unlimited access to the driving range. Should you prefer a turbocharged course, there’s the option to Learn Golf in a Week at EGC’s sister club on Dubai Creek for Dh600.

Dress right

Having been bitten by the golf bug, I plan to kit myself out with the appropriate gear before my next practical session. Thankfully, ungainly, fringed and spiked ladies’ golf shoes are something of a relic and contemporary versions are available from dedicated sports shops across the UAE. And when it comes to which irons and woods to buy (a full or half-set), it’s best to consult your coach, who will arm you with house clubs to practise with until you are sure the game is for you.

Game on

With the Academy at EGC nestled between the rolling, emerald Majlis and Faldo courses, sending balls flying down a floodlit range after a day at the office is truly a sensory experience. Admittedly, my handicap is still pushing the uppermost limits but, being surrounded by golf-enthusiast friends, I’m optimistic it won’t remain so for long.