Pizza at the push of a button

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If the last time you picked up the phone to order a pizza, it all just seemed liked too much of a palaver, then we introduce to you the Red Tomato V.I.P fridge magnet, a unique-to-Dubai pizza ordering device, which is already generating a fair amount of interest from both pizza fans and gadget lovers across the globe. See promotional video below:

According to Red Tomato's

, V.I.P's (Very Important Pizza-lovers) need to apply for their pizza box-shaped magnet online. Once it arrives, you can pre-set it to order your favourite pizza, with the magnet connecting to the internet via the Bluetooth connection on a smart phone.

Then, when hunger strikes and renders you incapable of having a conversation with the person on the other end of the telephone, all you need do is press the button on the magnet and, following a confirmation text from Red Tomato, a freshly cooked pizza should be winging its way to you, pronto. What more could you possibly want?