Food for Thought: Eat more greens

Many of us aren't eating enough green veggies, but altering your diet to include them is easy and the rewards you'll reap from it are numerous.

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Living in the desert, we don't tend to see that much greenery and unfortunately this trend continues on to our dinner plates.

Despite being told repeatedly to "eat your greens", many of us are completely missing out on them. Much of this is due to our love of convenience eating; being short on time, we go for quick meal options that generally don't include a portion of freshly cooked greens.

This is a real downfall in our nutrition since green vegetables in particular are full of minerals and enzymes, often with anti-cancer and antiviral properties as shown in numerous studies. They are heart healthy and do wonders for stabilising blood sugar and energy levels. Because of this, greens are also a powerful food for helping us to feel lighter, and the darker they are the better, according to research.

Greens are also among the most alkaline foods we can eat and as many of us suffer the symptoms of too much acidity in our system, we are missing out on the alkalising and healing effects they can provide.

When eaten raw, research shows the enzymes present in green vegetables help digestion and promote an easing of many symptoms associated with indigestion - just adding a handful of leafy greens to your plate at lunch would be a great step in promoting healthier digestion.

Sea greens have been shown to be a potent source of minerals, especially iodine which is beneficial for thyroid health and metabolism.

If getting your greens still proves too much hassle then get juicing - this is perhaps the fastest and most efficient way to increase your intake. Juicing celery, spinach, cabbage and kale will provide a great source of the key "green nutrients", plus you can always add apples and pears to sweeten slightly and maybe even tempt the kids.

Laura Holland is a well-being consultant and nutritional therapist. For more information, go to


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