Dubai's Right Bite launches new low-carb programme

The company's new meal plan combines fibre-rich complex carbs, lean protein and essential fats

Courtesy Right Bite
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There are two common mistakes that people tend to make when embarking on a low-carb diet. For one, they avoid carbohydrates altogether, not realising that the right amount of healthy carbs actually boosts sustainable weight loss. And two, they up their consumption of fats. Think fried eggs, red meat, chicken wings with cheese dips; and salads drenched in dressing.

Right Bite, the Dubai-based nutrition and catering cafe, has launched its Low-Carb Programme, which incorporates the right amount of protein and the right kinds of fats and carbs to enable and maintain weight loss, as well as to avoid the potential health risks associated with cutting out a major food group altogether.

The dietician-designed meal plan promises to provide dishes that are light and flavourful, and that will not sap your energy levels so much that you fall off the white-bread wagon. Comprising breakfast, an AM and PM snack, and lunch and dinner options with a choice of sides, the plan “sticks to the right amount of fibre-rich complex carbs and complements these with ideal amounts of lean protein and essential fats, so you’ll feel satisfied and at the same time have a stable amount of energy throughout the day,” says Right Bite’s founder and managing director Nathalie Haddad.

Here’s a sample of the new menu, which Haddad says is all about balance and long-term health benefits.

Breakfast options: spinach, Emmental cheese and walnut pancakes; foul medammes

AM snack options: a banana; pear; or a kick-starter of your choice, such as almond milk; decaf coffee; or dates

Sides: sautéed spinach and fresh mushroom salad; artichoke and asparagus salad; broccoli soup

Lunch options: grilled fish with sautéed spinach, grilled zucchini and roasted cherry tomato; baked zaatar chicken skewers served with vegetable skewers; beef fajita platter

PM snack: chocolate tahini balls

Dinner options: baked salmon with tomato concaser and parslied baby marrow; beef Szechuan with spinach, bean sprouts and pepper salad

The programme has a starting price of Dh165 per day, and the meals will be delivered to your doorstep at a time that suits. Right Bite has also introduced Skype consultations or you can call 800-HEALTHY to book an appointment with one of Right Bite’s nutritionists to tailor-make your meal plan.