Dishes to try at Abu Dhabi’s Street Fest

With the event wrapping up on Saturday, December 23, make sure to come early and try as many bites as you can

Visit Street Fest at Lake Park on the Corniche as part of Abu Dhabi Food Festival. Truckers DXB
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After a delectable opening weekend, Street Fest returns for its final three days to the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

More than a dozen food trucks will line up Lake Park, in addition to a large music stage featuring local musicians and international headliner JT Taylor, the former frontman of iconic 1980s funk group Kool and The Gang.

When it comes to purchasing food from the trucks, Street Fest runs a cashless payment system where visitors buy vouchers from a central booth beside the main stage. However, certain trucks do allow payments from bank cards. With so much food available and the portions admittedly on the smaller side, the whole point of Street Fest is to try as much food as you can. With the event wrapping up on December 23, here are some dishes to try.

Seafood Paella at Bubo Barcelona Café


You can smell the mouth-watering aroma before you enter the food-truck section. With the restaurant building a steady reputation at its permanent location in Dubai’s City Walk, Abu Dhabi residents can see what all the fuss is about. The paella is made fresh in front of you, and the chef is happy to answer questions about the signature Spanish dish.

Kushari at Kushari Factory


It’s the kind of food made for picnics. The Egyptian street food Kushari, a mash-up of rice, vermicelli pasta, chick peas and fried onions, is gaining a reputation as the new hipster food in the West. Kushari Kitchen taps into that vibe with a cute little stand and slick packaging. That said, the proof is in the tasting and their kushari is on-point and hearty enough to make a decent dinner. Tip: tell the attendant to be liberal with the spicy sauce to give it an extra kick.

Dutch Pancakes at Chocolicious


I was attracted to the dish after a seeing a plethora of families and couples digging into this while watching the concerts or downing it with some tea. Indeed, the Dutch pancake deserves its popularity. Served in round balls similar to legamat, it is soft and topped with sweet, runny Nutella. Each bite is a sweet explosion and the resultant sugar high is immense.

Nutella, banana and nuts at Royal Crepes


An oldie, but a goodie. Anyone familiar with Royal Crepes know they mean business when it comes to serving the thin pastry stuffed with toppings of choice in quick time. I like my crêpe chunky, hence the banana slices and nuts. Cut and presented in cubes, the end result is akin to eating a soft biscuit.

Street Fest runs until December 23 at Lake Park, Abu Dhabi Corniche, from 4pm to midnight. For details, go to


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