Cool sounding cafe opens in Abu Dhabi

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Api Cae Gourmet opened in Abu Dhabi on Sunday and from the sounds of things, promises much- starting with authentic Italian food, high quality ingredients and a convivial atmosphere to boot.

Judging from the press release and media images alone (we will be down to visit and review in the coming weeks), the restaurants is founded on sound credentials. Executive sous chef Mario Storti (pictured below), will head up a team of Italian chefs and has be quoted as saying that he wants to showcase "the true spirit and essence of Italian cuisine, which is about simplicity and quality". This statement is music to my ears; if more chefs and restaurants in the region focused on those all important two words - simplicity and quality -instead of getting caught in attempts to emulate the latest culinary trends or use an abundance of over-priced ingredients, the culinary scene would come on in leaps and bounds.

Minor rant over and back to Api Cae, where apparently there's no set menu as such. Instead, the Mediterranean inspired food is prepared on a daily basis, using ingredients sourced from Italy and an organic supplier in Al Ain. Pizza, pasta and bread is all made in house and customers can, I've been told, pick out what they'd like to eat from the food counter - the likes of home made breads, ricotta schiacciata and foccacia based pizza- or order something specific- an anti pasti platter, risotto or sandwich perhaps- to be prepared just for them. It all sounds rather promising, so here's hoping the restaurant lives up to expectations.

Api Cae Gourmet is located just off the Corniche, behind National Bank of Abu Dhabi. For more information, check out their

: (which allows offers takeaway and delivery options).