Four healthy Ramadan meal plans in the UAE

There are plenty of options available to make sure healthy eating stays on track during the holy month

Kcal will be offering a monthly meal plan during Ramadan. Photo: Kcal
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With Ramadan fast approaching, many will be making their final preparations ahead of the start of the holy month.

And for those fasting, there are plenty of options across the UAE to make planning evening meals that little bit easier.

Some of the UAE’s many meal plan services will be switching up their menus to offer healthy, balanced and nutritious plans designed for those fasting.

Many plans will offer meals for both iftar and suhoor, as well as snacks, and will deliver all dishes direct to your door each day.

There is also the option to select how many calories customers would like to consume each day, specify any dietary requirements and to choose the duration of the meal plan, with many offering week-long to month-long programmes.

Right Bite

Throughout the holy month, Right Bite will be offering meal plans that give people the option for either iftar or iftar and suhoor combined packages. The meal plan service gives customers the option to choose how many calories they want their meals to be, as well as how long they would like the meal plan for. During Ramadan, the minimum duration is 10 days.

Included for iftar are dates to break the fast, a drink, soup, main meal and side dish. For suhoor, there will be a variety of sweet and savoury dishes including the likes of wholewheat zaatar manakeesh served with low-fat labneh and foul moudamas served with wholewheat pita bread.

The iftar-only package starts at Dh850 for 10 days, while the iftar and suhoor package stars at Dh1,210.


Basiligo will be offering two meal plans designed for those fasting this Ramadan. The first is a keto-friendly plan, which will range between 1,100 and 1,250 a day and ensure diners stick to their keto lifestyle, with iftar, suhoor, soup, salad, a mini dessert and a healthy drink. Dishes will include meat and vegetables.

There is also the lifestyle plan, which will offer the same number of daily dishes, but will be tailored to a more varied diet, and include healthy and nutrient-packed options.

Both plans cost Dh99 a day, although discounts of up to 15 per cent are applied for those who sign up for five days or more. The maximum length diners can sign up for is 30 days, and there is an option whether or not weekends are included in the plan.

Eat Conscious

Eat Conscious is offering a Ramadan meal plan for 20 days, costing Dh1,775. Included are iftar and suhoor meals, as well as snacks to break the fast with.

Meals are designed to help enhance health during the holy month. The meal delivery service says the plan is designed to “cleanse and transform your body physically and physiologically". Typical dishes will include meat and be packed with vegetables, as well as healthy grains.


Kcal’s Ramadan meal plan option has been designed by chef and personal trainer Hala Ayash, who has crafted a menu which consists of suhoor and iftar, juice, dates and laban, plus two snacks. The plan is between 1,400 and 1,500 calories a day, and main dishes will include the likes of traditional beef meatballs with tomato sauce, and marinated chicken with flavoured rice. Suhoor will include baked overnight oats, traditional Middle Eastern breakfasts and foul moudamas.

Diners can have meals delivered for five, six or seven days a week. The Ramadan meal plan is only available to be booked for a four-week timetable. Prices start from Dh2,860 for 20 days.

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Updated: March 31, 2022, 10:25 AM