Mom's Spaghetti: Eminem to launch restaurant in Detroit

The name is taken from the opening lines of Eminem hit ‘Lose Yourself’

Eminem is cooking up a new release, only this time it’s in the kitchen rather than the studio.

The US hip-hop star is set to open his own restaurant in his home city of Detroit on Wednesday.

Called Mom's Spaghetti, the family-friendly venue will serve a small and focused menu featuring the popular pasta.

The news was announced through a retro-style 30-second television advertisement shown on Detroit broadcaster WXYZ on Friday.

The footage begins with Eminem appearing over the city skyline and vomiting up a takeaway box featuring the Mom’s Spaghetti logo (a heart with a fork running through) before an exterior glimpse of the diner-style location.

It then cuts to a dining table featuring various dishes, including a “road pasta”, spaghetti with meatballs and a spaghetti sandwich, the latter served with four pieces of toast on a tray of Bolognese sauce.

The advertisement ends with a phone number for inquiries and the Mom's Spaghetti logo flashing on the screen in graffiti script over the slogan: "It's all ready."

While the promotional campaign may be offbeat, Mom’s Spaghetti has become a serious venture for Eminem.

With the name taken from the opening lines of his 1997 anthem Lose Yourself ("his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy / There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti), Eminem first unveiled the venture in a 2017 pop-up in Detroit and delivered up to 400 meals (including spaghetti bowls and sandwiches) to frontline workers in local hospitals in April 2020.

According to The Detroit News, the brick-and-mortar location will include a section called The Trailer. Described as "a store for Stans", the name of Eminem's hard-core supporters, it will also offer Eminem merchandise.

Eminem is the latest rapper entering the food game. Other hip-hop acts who have launched their own restaurants include DJ Khaled (The Licking chicken restaurant in Miami) and 2 Chainz (the tapas friendly Escobar Restaurant in Atlanta).

Updated: September 27th 2021, 5:48 AM