Everything Lady Gaga wore at the 2020 MTV VMAs: from space helmets to horned masks

The flamboyant singer made sure her face was covered at all times and urged viewers to wear masks

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She's known for delivering inclusive messages through her songs, and Lady Gaga had one clear directive for her fans at this week's MTV Video Music Awards: wear a mask.

The American singer, who walked away with a number of trophies on the night, urged viewers to cover their faces and "stay safe".

"This has not been an easy year for a lot of people, but what I see in the world is a massive triumph of courage," Gaga said on stage as she accepted an award.

"Stay safe. Speak your mind and, I might sound like a broken record, but wear a mask. It's a sign of respect."

The Born This Way star, 33, practised what she preached, too, donning a number of face coverings throughout the ceremony, which was held in New York City on Sunday, August 30.

Gaga turned up at the socially distanced ceremony, which featured performances held at a number of venues across the city, wearing a futuristic bubble helmet, later changing into an array of statement-making ensembles.

The singer, who wore a dress entirely made of raw beef to the 2010 MTV VMAs, is known for her outlandish sense of style – and didn't disappoint for her return to the stage.

Scroll through the gallery above to see everything Lady Gaga wore to the MTV VMAs 2020.

Sporting everything from an iridescent fringed gown that looked like something you'd find on an episode of David Attenborough's Blue Planet to a floor-sweeping silver coat with voluminous spiked sleeves, Gaga put on a sartorial performance that was as powerful as her vocal one.

The singer and actress led the wins on the night, taking home five trophies, including the first ever Tricon Award, which recognises multi-talented artists for their many achievements.