What is Regencycore? How to wear the Bridgerton-inspired fashion trend

Distinguished by its hyper-feminine style, trend is inspired by opulence of the early 1800s

Regencycore fashion is inspired by Netflix's Bridgerton. Photo: Netflix
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From empire waist silhouettes to delicate lace trimmings, the Regency era has been enjoying a fashion revival since the hit Netflix show Bridgerton first dropped four years ago.

The trend comes alive every now and again as new seasons hit the streaming platform and next week should be a case in point.

On June 13, Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 will be available on Netflix in the UAE. The first part of the third season became one of the most popular shows on the platform, with Netflix stating that it has been viewed more than 45 million times.

Aside from the addictive historical intrigue portraying a fictional 1800s England, the show's costuming has become a huge part of its allure. Emmy Award-winning designer Ellen Mirojnick has created a visual feast with coloured gowns, figure-hugging corsets, dramatic puffed sleeves and an abundance of intricate embellishments.

This has inspired a renewed appreciation for the feminine aesthetic, with fans finding ways to incorporate the aristocratic look into their modern-day wardrobes.

Key elements of Regencycore

In the 1800s, the fashion silhouette emphasised a high waist and a full skirt. The empire waistline, with the bodice sitting just below the bust, is a cornerstone of the look. Other key elements included corsets, puffed sleeves, romantic details, floral prints and a whimsical colour palette.

Wholly mimicking the historical attire isn't the purpose of the look. Instead, it champions the taking of signature elements to achieve a touch of old-world charm – without looking like your outfit should be in a museum.

American brand Selkie is a leader in creating pieces that evoke the aesthetic. Women can opt for A-line dresses or high-waisted trousers for a more subtle and modern incorporation.

Fashion experts say puffed sleeve tops are another staple, ideally paired with chic denim bottoms. From subtle gathered hems to dramatic ballooned sleeves, Regencycore embraces volume on the arms to make a statement. Necklines also matter, with off-the-shoulder, plunging V-necks and detailed collars reigning supreme.

Romanticism lies at the heart of the movement, and experts say there are pieces with details that add to this. Think lace trimmings, ruffles or embroidery. These elements add a splash of intrigue to even the simplest garments.

Getting the right accessories can also be key to nailing the Bridgeton-inspired look. That could mean embellished jewel-like purses and bags, adding statement necklaces and earrings, or opting for a fanciful or floaty hair piece. They are all accessories that can add just the right hint of romance. To really embrace the look, experts say occasion gloves are one to consider.

With Regencycore, the choice of fabrics is paramount. Velvets, lightweight silks, chiffon, organza and muslin work beautifully for dresses, as do lighter cottons. The style embraces a notable shift from heavier fabrics used in earlier periods, with the materials selected intended to allow garments to move with ease.

Updated: June 09, 2024, 1:30 PM