The biggest hair trends for summer 2024, from Zendaya's midi to Taylor Swift's fringe

For the new season, high-maintenance Texan style steps into the spotlight, while long layers are an easy choice for all types of locks

Zendaya opts for the easy-to-maintain midi hair style, falling between the chin and the shoulder. EPA
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Hair styles and cuts for the upcoming seasons include twists on classics, updates on looks from season’s past and sleek variations of Y2K and perennial favourites.

The pixie crop gets a modern makeover in the style of Florence Pugh and Lupita Nyong'o’s velvet buzzcuts, while the never-out-of-style bob is reinvented in the Italian version worn by Penelope Cruz, Hailey Bieber and more.

The fringe is front and centre with two versions framing famous faces – the curtain fringe and eyelash fringe – while Beyonce’s recent pivot to country music has shone a spotlight not only on the beats, but on the Texan hair trend that accompanies it.

Here are the eight biggest and most popular hair trends for spring/summer 2024.

The Italian bob

As seen on: Penelope Cruz, Hailey Bieber and Rita Ora

The style remains chin-length, eschewing the longer bobs of last year, but the traditional sleekness is gone in favour of choppier ends for a more lived-in look.

“Texture, volume and pure mob wife vibes characterise this style, which is a softer layered alternative to the sleeker ‘French Bob’,” says Sam Carpenter, hair artist and educator at Eideal. “It is best suited for thicker hair and people who want lower maintenance. With regular trims, you can maintain this style for the long term.”

Adds Jaja Jones, founder of The Den Salon Dubai: “It gives old money vibes with its chic, effortless look.”

Curtain fringe

As seen on: Maren Morris and Ayo Edebiri

“The curtain fringe serves as an ideal complement for anyone who wears their hair in an updo,” says Cat Hawkes, owner of Salon 971. “A versatile fringe style is suitable for all face shapes.”

Country singer Morris and The Bear actress Edebiri have been spotted wearing the style – the popularity of which has not waned since the 1970s. Also known as the “Farah Fawcett fringe”, the look works with voluminous hair, or a sleeker style such as Edebiri's.

“The curtain fringe is ideal for women who want change without making an overall extreme hair change,” says Jones.

Texan hair

As seen on: Beyonce and Miley Cyrus

Not for shrinking violets, Texan hair is big, bouncy and bold. Thanks to Beyonce’s recent forays into country music, the hairstyle that Dolly Parton has worn for decades has been given a modern makeover.

“This is the biggest trend right now,” says Carpenter. “This big bold look is synonymous with pumped up volume but should be reserved for those who want high maintenance hair as you will need weekly blowouts and lots of products to keep the style looking good.”

Long layers

As seen on: Priyanka Chopra, Emma Roberts, Sabrina Carpenter, Vanessa Hudgens and Camila Morrone

“Long layers in hairstyles involve cutting the hair at different lengths to add texture, movement and volume while maintaining length,” says Hawkes.

A shift away from last year’s one-length longer styles, also called “waterfall layers”, they create a cascade effect, adding thickness.

“It’s suitable for most hair lengths and densities but speak to your stylists as they will know the best way to create a flattering version given your hair type and lifestyle,” says Carpenter.

The pixie cut

As seen on: Florence Pugh, Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Corrin, Zoe Kravitz and Winnie Harlow

Supermodels and stars of the big and small screen have been wearing myriad variations of the classic cut. The shortest was worn by Pugh, Nyong’o and Corrin, whose slightly grown-out locks have been called the “velvet buzz-cut”.

“This style best suits a face shape that is more angular in profile and has pixie-esque features,” says Jones. “It works beautifully on oval shapes, as well as round and heart shaped faces too.”

Eyelash fringe

As seen on: Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kelly Clarkson

The style gets its name from its eyelash-grazing length which can be cut straight across or with a more graduated chop. Also known as “Birkin bangs” for French actress Jane Birkin who wore the style, the look suits thicker hair, which will lessen the likelihood of the fringe separating.

“It can be styled by blow drying while it’s damp without any brush this gives it a soft flow and ensures it sits on the forehead naturally,” says Jones.

Adds Hawkes: “Birkin bangs give a textured rock chick vibe. If you want a done but undone look this is the style to go for.”

The midi

As seen on: Claire Danes, Zendaya, Rihanna and Sydney Sweeney

The long bob (aka the “lob”) of 2023 evolves into the midi cut for the new seasons.

“It’s all about texture and that bouncy flick blow-dry,” says Carpenter. “It can be great for finer hair if you have the right volume product supporting the cut.”

One of the easiest to maintain looks, falling between the chin and the shoulder, it offers the versatility of a shorter look, with the ability to tie it back if needed.

Jones says: “It’s a popular choice for those wanting a balanced and flattering look.”

The butterfly cut

As seen on: Hailee Steinfeld and Addison Rae

The butterfly haircut has a distinct look, the layers create dimension and movement reminiscent of cascading wings,” says Hawke. “One key feature is a grown-out curtain fringe, which gives it an updated and stylish touch.”

The ideal style for face framing, Jones calls it the “modern Rachel”, adding edginess to longer locks.

Updated: March 17, 2024, 12:29 AM