New multicoloured fountain on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah aims to be crowned 'world's largest'

The Palm Fountain is attempting to break a Guinness World Record currently held by the Dubai Fountain

The Pointe has a number of dining destinations offering views of The Palm Fountain. Supplied
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Dubai is known to be a city of superlatives, and a brand new attraction hopes to acquire the 'biggest' mantle.

The Palm Fountain at The Pointe is all set to be unveiled on Thursday, October 22 – and it’s attempting to break a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest fountain.

This means that it will be deemed bigger than the Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai, which currently holds the number one spot.

Reports say the Palm Fountain will be spread over 14,000 square feet of ocean and will be able to shoot water as high as 105 metres. Its 3,000 LED lights will create a multi-coloured show that is accompanied by music.

The Dubai Fountain does reportedly shoot water higher than this planned Palm Jumeirah fountain: the established fountain next to the Dubai Mall shoots water 140 metres in the air according to the Dubai Tourism website. The Dubai Fountain is 272 metres long.

Chinese company Beijing Water Design Technology was part of the design and build team for the new Palm Jumeirah fountain.

Those watching the fountain show will get great views of Atlantis, The Palm. Once it's operational, three-minute shows will run from 7pm to midnight every 30 minutes daily. Shows will be set to a variety of songs; there are currently nine different songs choreographed. You can expect a range of music styles, including pop, classical and Khaleeji.

Whether the fountain does indeed break a Guinness World Record will be determined at the launch on October 22.

The fountain will be multicoloured
The fountain will be multicoloured