Five Instagram-worthy spots in the Dubai Museum of Illusions

One of the best ways to see the illusions is by looking at snaps of yourself experiencing them

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 4 – 2018 :- Varvara Svishcheva , Museum Manager showing the area where visitors can take photo and rotate the picture upside down to get the illusion at the Museum of Illusions in Al Seef area near the creek in Dubai. ( Pawan Singh / The National )  For Arts & Life/ Big Picture. Story by Felicity Campbell
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The Dubai Museum of Illusions is to open at Al Seef by the creek on September 9. We took a early peek into the attraction and discovered that one of the best ways to see the illusions is by looking at snaps of yourself experiencing them. We've picked out the five best places in the museum for you take shots that will put you ahead of the Instagram game.

1. Ames Room

This room was designed by the American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames Jr in 1946. It is a life-size optical illusion of depth distance and varying sizes, so, if you stand in one corner, your reflection shows you as a petite fairy, while in the other corner of the room, your friend becomes a hulking giant. Tip: for the best picture get a friend standing just outside the room to take a picture of you and someone else in the room.

2. The upside room

When you enter, you are standing on the ceiling. The lamps on the wall are upside down, as are the mirror and pictures. The desk, chair and all other objects are stuck on to the ceiling, but in the world of the upside room, that would be the floor. It feels a little underwhelming until you see the photos you have taken. Rotate your photo 180° and it really looks like you are hanging upside down. Tip: For an effective photo, hold your arms up and pull a face like gravity is doing what you expect it to do. And put down your purses and bags - they will spoil the photo as they are clearly not hanging upside.

3. The Vortex Tunnel

Thise Vortex Tunnel has the greatest physical effect on you. The other exhibits have you checking your eyes and maybe shaking your head to clear it, but this one has you grasping hand rails to make sure you don't fall over. It is a ramp through a tunnel, the walls of which are covered with led lights. The movement of the lights, which spin in a vortex pattern, tricks you into believing the ramp is moving. Tip: Get someone on the other side of the tunnel on solid ground to take a video of trying to make your way over the perfectly stationary ramp, while you grapple with your mind and body to stay upright.

4. Colours room

This is a great place to get snap happy. Based on the Theory of Colour Addition, the three primary colours red, blue and green are projected from white lights on to a white wall. As the beams of colour hit you, the shadow projected on to the stream becomes a hue of secondary colours. A rainbow aura surrounding your shadow. Tip: Approach the screen slowly until you can see your favourite colours and then stop so your friend can take the shot.

5. The Mirror with Two Faces

This is strips of mirror hung with a space between them. You stand on one side and your friend stands on the other. By moving up and down and positioning yourself, you can make it look like you are one person, with an alarming array of facial features. Top tip: Do this with help from a member of the opposite sex. it is all the more funny to see yourself with a beard or long blow-dried hair.


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