A new tube sliding experience has opened for thrill-seekers in Hatta

The course is the latest adrenalin-fuelled activity to launch in the Dubai exclave

A new tube sliding experience has opened in Hatta. Go Gravity / Instagram
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Hatta Wadi Hub has further strengthened its reputation as one of the UAE’s top outdoor adventure spots with the launch of a new adrenalin-fuelled attraction.

A tube sliding run has now opened in the Dubai exclave, which shoots guests safely down a turfed run at rapid speeds.

For the experience, guests will sit in doughnut tubes, which can be linked together with friends or family members, before being pushed down the course, taking in the spectacular views of the Hatta mountains as they go.

The new attraction is part of the Go Gravity site, which already features a number of downhill guided zorbing runs, which are popular with thrill seekers.

Tube sliding and zorbing are just two of the adventure activities on offer in Hatta. Visitors can also enjoy kayaking at Hatta Dam, mountain biking along a number of guided trails, as well as plenty of hiking terrain.

You can also try the Drop-In, which opened in February this year, an attraction made up of a number of slides, which propel visitors into a plunge pool, at speeds of between 40 and 80 kilometres an hour.

The rides, which are for suitable for those aged 6 and above, can throw adventurous visitors up to a height of 15 metres.

Hatta is about a one hour and 45-minute drive from Dubai Marina.