Dubai Garden Glow lights up for its seventh season with a new safari section

The family-friendly evening attraction reopened to the public this week

It’s all sparkle and shine over at Dubai Garden Glow, which reopened to the public once more on Monday.

One of Dubai’s most unique family attractions, the park features a number of installations crafted using lights. Now in its seventh season, the attraction has reopened at Zabeel Park with a new Glowing Safari section.

The Glowing Safari allows visitors to wander through brightly-lit animal sculptures. Adding to the ethereal vibe is a colourful flower valley with moving blossoms and a glittering butterfly trail that uses 10 million energy-saving bulbs.

Meanwhile, many of Dubai Garden Glow’s popular attractions have returned.

Glow Park – designed to transport visitors into a neon wonderland – features a number of bright displays fashioned with handmade lights.

Visitors can also wander around the Art Park, which has been constructed using recycled materials around the theme "Back to Nature", to drive home the message of conservation. There, visitors will be able to find installations made using materials such as bottles and CDs.

One of the park’s most popular features – the Dinosaur Park – has also made a glittering return. Families can wander through three periods – the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous – and take in the glowing figures of the prehistoric creatures. Some of these creatures also move and roar, so you might want to brace yourselves (or at least the children). There are also several educational stops along the way, including a Dino Museum.

Some may be sad to hear the Ice Park is currently under maintenance, but visitors can still explore the Magic Park, which has a separate entrance fee of Dh45. Here, geometric forms and visual art are used to create fun optical illusions. It's a great spot for photo opportunities from every angle, so make sure your camera's at full charge.

Saturday to Wednesday, 4pm-11pm; Thursday to Friday, 4pm-midnight; Dh65 for Dubai Garden Glow, Dh45 for the Magic Park; Gate 6, Zabeel Park;

Updated: November 2nd 2021, 10:59 AM