Balancing act: watch this Yemeni man set the world record for largest stack of eggs

Mohammed Muqbel has been practising the art of balancing since he was 6 years old

The Yemeni world-record holder for egg balancing

The Yemeni world-record holder for egg balancing
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Some Guinness World Records are truly impressive, while others are just wacky. A new one broken by Yemeni national Mohammed Abelhameed Muqbel is a balancing act between the two.

Muqbel, 20, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has managed to place three eggs on top of one another and fashion a tower out of them, breaking the world record for the largest stack of eggs.

Watch the video above to see him do it.

To claim the title, fresh hen’s eggs, with unbroken shells, needed to be stacked simultaneously for at least five seconds, according to Guinness World Records.

In order to do it, Muqbel had to figure out the centre of mass for each egg, then stack them exactly so that each hovered over the other. He said it requires high concentration, patience and practise. And he’s had plenty of practise, as he’s been trying to master the art of balancing since the tender age of 6.

While there have been a couple of applications for this record in the past, no one has actually claimed the title before.

This new record is one in a long line of titles claimed by Arab nationals across the world over the years. Most recently, Lebanese environmental activist Caroline Chaptini put together the world's largest bottle cap mosaic while observing social-distancing measures in her home country.

Her artwork, which was created in a public park in Miziara, spans 196.94 square metres, breaking the previous world record of 108.568sqm achieved last year in Japan.

It was Chaptini’s second record, as she’s also the title-holder for the tallest plastic bottle sculpture, which measured 28.1 metres high and used more than 100,000 bottles.

Look through the gallery below to see Chaptini's artwork: