Australia's most famous animals arrive at The Green Planet Dubai

The Australian Walkabout takes visitors on a journey through the 'land down under'

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A multi-species exhibit has opened at The Green Planet, Dubai's indoor rainforest bio dome in City Walk. The Australian Walkabout, which launched on Friday, aims to introduce visitors to key species from "Down Under".

Animals such as the Goanna lizard, wallabies and the carpet python are on show, as the exhibit showcases Australia's vast array of ecosystems.

Arthur Spyrou, the Australian ambassador to the UAE, commented: “We are delighted that The Green Planet is bringing Australia’s unique and exciting wildlife to the UAE."

He added that the exhibit will "open an opportunity to [visitors to] learn about Australia’s diverse environments and climates and to find out why Australia is considered one of the few 'mega-biodiverse' countries in the world.

"Now the UAE really is a home away from home for the 20,000 Australians living here!”

The Green Planet has launched an multi-species exhibit of Australian animals. Courtesy The Green Planet

Here's what you can expect to see:

The Goanna lizard

Mimicking the Australian outback, an abandoned plane is now home to a Goanna, one of the largest lizards in Australia that can grow up to 2.1 metres. Visits can look inside the plane and take a selfie with the lizard, which is likely to be found on the plane's fuselage or in the central water feature.

Lizards and turtles

There's a dedicated lizard and turtle exhibition, which recalls Australian landmark Uluru. Take a look at a bearded dragon, frill-necked lizard, blue-tongue skink and snake-neck turtles. The area also consists of an abandoned campsite, large water feature and red sand, overgrown grass and rockwork. It mimics the perfect environment for these creatures.


The Australian Walkabout's largest exhibit pays homage to the wallaby, the big-footed marsupials and relatives of the kangaroo. Wallabies can be seen wandering amid the cave and trees of this special exhibit, where visitors can also learn more about the country's birds, including cockatoos and kookaburras.

Australian carpet python

Eleven out of 15 of the world's most poisonous snakes can be found in Australia. At the snake exhibit you'll get up-close and personal (but not too close, mind) with the famous Australian carpet python. You'll see one slithering among broken shelves, tools and a ceramic sink basin. You can look, but do not touch.

Other species that can be seen at the exhibit include grass parakeets, cockatiels, smaller Australian parakeets, a redback spider and an army of White's tree frogs.

A second wave of critters is set to join the Green Planet's current set of guests soon.

Tickets for the exhibit start from Dh89 online and Dh99 at the gate.